We (Isabelle and I, Damien) are a french couple with a 4 years old daughter Auriane.
We wanted to go from France to Sydney in Australia by bike. But because of Corona, we have been stuck in Georgia since 1 year and a half.
Since december, Isabelle is pregnant and we are trying to come back to France to give birth.
You can see more here, although the website is not up to date at all : https://auraysydneyavelo.ouvaton.org or https://www.facebook.com/TerriensEnChemin
-> To be in France before June, we thought about coming from Turkey to Italy or France by boat (sailing boat if possible).
We should arrive in Izmir in April.
I have been a skipper in Brittany, I’m sailling since I am 6 year old and with my wife we have already brought back a Sun Odyssey 41″ from Ireland to France alone, so we are able to help on board, even during the nights.
I can help a lot in electricity, computer, mechanics and so on.
We can also convoy or help to convoy a sailing boat from Turkey to Italy or France.
So if you or if you know people who could bring us to Italy or France with our bikes, in exchange of money and/or help on the boat, please let us know !
In advance, thank you to help us !
Les Terriens En Chemin
Auriane Isabelle and Damien